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24 Oz Weed Leaf Studded Drink Tumbler

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Our black studded tumbler features a unique hemp-inspired design – the only one of its kind. Plus, the entire body of the cup is composed of soft rivets, making it comfortable to hold and keep a good grip on. Use our exclusive drink tumbler for all your favorite daily drinks, from your fruit-packed smoothie to your morning iced coffee and more!


Tumbler Specifications:

Cup Height: 9"

Cup Width: 2.75” (Bottom Part) / 4.17" (Lid)

Straw Length: 11"

Weight: 1.2 lbs

Color: Matte Black

Fits Cupholders


Starbucks Compatible


Starbucks Studded Tumblers

You can take your drink tumbler to Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, and any other store that allows refills. Choose an original black studded tumbler from ShtsNGiggles, a small locally-owned business that creates edgy weed-themed collector items for men and women.


Environmentally Conscious 

Reduce your harmful impact on the environment by opting for a reusable 24 oz tumbler and ditching the single-use materials for good. With more than 4 billion coffee cups thrown into landfills annually, put the planet first by investing in a reusable mug.


User-Friendly Features

We designed our tumbler with you in mind, featuring double-layered insulation to keep your drinks cool and fresh throughout the day, and the leak-proof screw-on lid will save you from any embarrassing spillages messing up your office clothes (or worse).


Premium Quality Materials

Our extra-large drinking cups are crafted from durable and high-quality polystyrene plastic. We use only top-quality BPA-free and food-grade materials to make our products to ensure they are entirely safe for use time and time again.


Hand-Wash Only

When the day is over, just give your cup a hand wash with warm soapy water to freshen it up. Our easy-to-clean design will have your black studded tumbler squeaky clean in no time.


Dust-Case Included

Keep your studded tumbler safe between uses by storing it in the protective dust case included with every order. It features the same hemp-inspired design as your drink tumbler and is perfect for keeping it clean when transporting it in your bag or car.